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Nursery Products

The Alabama Wire, Inc. Nursery Products line offers a variety of products to stabilize, protect, and promote the proper growth of commercially grown landscape plants. They are simple to use, effective, and long-lasting. They protect your plants, reduce the labor required to tend them, and promote higher-quality specimens, thereby helping to increase the profitability and success of your business.

Tree Stakes

At Alabama Wire, we produce quality galvanized metal tree stakes. The advantages of using galvanized metal plant stakes over other materials are their superior strength, economy, and durability. Unlike rebar posts, there is no concern for rust or corrosion, and the smooth surface prevents damage like knots, gouges, and scratches. Galvanized steel tree stakes also won’t deteriorate in wet conditions like a tree stabilizer made from bamboo or another wood.

Un-staked young trees are at a higher risk of being knocked over or uprooted by high winds, but stakes provide stability to trees that haven't yet established a robust root system. In some cases, “crowbar hole” occurs if heavy gusts make an un-staked trunk whip back and forth, causing the hole to widen. As a result, the tree will become unstable and water will pool around the roots, eventually leading to root rot. Dwarf specimens are also at greater risk for developing these problems because they have smaller root systems to anchor them to the ground compared to fully grown species of large trees.

To protect trees against wind damage, we use low-carbon galvanized steel wire stakes to add stability to the trunk. Our plant stakes are available wholesale in soft-, medium-, and hard-temper. Businesses can choose from single- or multi-tree options that are suitable for both containers and in-ground planting.

Container Hooks

The wind can overturn even heavy pots, but container hooks will keep your planters secure and prevent dirt loss that could otherwise lead to uprooting and dehydration. Fertilizer, another nursery essential, is also more likely to stay inside the container if you use stabilizing container hooks. With container hooks, your products will stay safe, secure, and upright—thereby saving you money by avoiding property damage and maintaining the integrity of your crops. Hooks offer immediate benefits for a variety of landscaping features and can be removed or repositioned if necessary.

Alabama Wire creates hooks that are custom-fabricated so they can be adjusted to your specific needs and fit a variety of container sizes. We also offer wire hooks to fit containers up to 30 gallons in size. We recommend using a wire gauge between 0.250 inches and 0.375 inches in diameter and hooks between 18 inches and 36 inches long.

Container Stabilization Baskets

Like container hooks, container stabilization baskets are a convenient way to prevent overturned pots and avoid damage to your plants. But, compared to hooks, wire baskets make it easier to replace containers and plants without disrupting the anchors. Baskets also keep plants at measured distances, which serves aesthetic purposes and gives each plant room to grow.

Alabama Wire has supplied galvanized wire baskets for over 30 years. The baskets conform to most wholesale nursery containers between 1 gallon and 25 gallons large and make it easy to provide uniform distances between specimens. Our container stabilization baskets can be configured as attractive permanent fixtures in growing facilities and commercial nurseries large and small.

For more information about our baskets, review our online guide that shows the weight limit, plant wiregauge, and pallet quantity.

Your Source for Quality Nursery Products

When you depend on high-quality, customizable nursery products, you need Alabama Wire. Located just south of Birmingham, Alabama, our 50,000-square-foot wire fabrication facility produces a variety of prefabricated wholesale and custom wire products. For the last 30 years, our wire structures have improved profitability for growers and retailers by reducing plant loss and increasing efficiency.

We are proud to be North America’s premier source for container stabilization baskets, galvanized steel tree stakes, and container hooks. For more information about our wholesale nursery products, or to request a quote, contact us today.


Nursery products

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