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Riding Mower Parts

As specialists in large diameter 3D wire forming, at Alabama Wire, Inc., we produce the custom parts shown here for a manufacturer of commercial riding lawn mowers and tractors. Supplied in relatively small lot sizes of 500 to 1,000 units, we adapted our standard tooling to reproduce the wire shape and form to keeps costs reasonable for the customer. Our accurate, repeatable, and value engineered production methods result in parts that consistently meet the customer's quality specifications every time they place an order.

We manufacture this component from 0.375" diameter ASTM grade, cold drawn, bright finish steel wire. It is straightened, cut to length, and formed using our versatile CNC bending equipment, which allows us to create the 3D shape with a high degree of part-to-part accuracy and consistency. Additional production processes involve single-head chamfering and semi-automatic hole drilling. We use both in-process and final dimensional inspections to verify accuracy of ±0.003" on wire diameter and ±0.032" on finished part lengths.

Our stable processes enable us to provide predictable lead times, and we have an excellent record for on-time delivery. By leveraging standard tooling components already in our extensive inventory, the client avoided the expense of custom development, and it also reduced the lead-time on the initial order. We package the finished products per the customer specification and complete each order within a two to three-week timeframe. The quality and consistency of our workmanship combined with our value-based methods of lowering production costs have earned us the respect, and the business, of a loyal customer.

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Riding Mover Parts

Riding Mower Page Highlights

Project Name & Description
Riding Mower Parts
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Wire Straightening and Cutting to Length 3 Dimensional CNC Bending Chamfering Drilling Packaging
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
3D CNC Wireforming Machine Semi-Automatic Single Head Chamfering Machine Semi-Automatic Drilling Machine
Overall Part Dimensions
Wire Diameter: 0.375 Inches Wire Cut Length: 14.38 Inches
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.003 Inches on Diameter ± 0.032 Inches on Lengths
Material Used
C1018 Bright Basic Steel Wire (Cold Drawn/Cold Finished)
Material Finish
Industry for Use
Lawn and Garden Equipment
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Dimensional Inspection
500 to 1000 Pieces Per Order
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2 to 3 Weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
ASTM A510, ASTM A853 Customer-Supplied Drawing
Additional information:
Line Card (PDF - 5.83MB)

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