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Chamfered Pins

At Alabama Wire, Inc. we played a role in helping a manufacturer of consumer products automate their assembly line. We engineered a low-cost solution for fabricating the chamfered hinge pin highlighted here by configuring our existing in-house tooling to create the pin accurately and consistently over production runs in the 55,000 unit range. Our staff executed a series of trial runs, adapting the tooling in various ways, to discern the best solution for manufacturing the hinge pins within specification and at expedited production speeds.

Manufactured from ASTM A641 certified galvanized steel wire, these hinge pins feature overall dimensions of 0.142" in diameter x 8.11" in length. By using our rotary die wire processing equipment, we produced straightened, cut-to-length wires, and then formed the precisely configured end geometry on our high-speed automatic chamfering machine. Our manufacturing methods resulted in a very high rate of accuracy and consistency, both within each production lot and from run to run.

The combination of close tolerances of ±0.002" on the wire diameter, the wire straightness, and the chamfered ends ensured smooth insertion of the hinge pin on the customers new automated assembly line. As an experienced wire forming and fabrication company, we had the insight to identify an economical method for efficient and accurate production and the agility to fulfill orders in a timely manner. The customer avoided the time and expense of custom tooling development, and with our predictable lead times and competitive pricing, they have a trusted and reliable source for these custom, chamfered end hinge pins.

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Chamfered Pin

Chamfered Pin Highlights

Project Name & Description
Chamfered Pins
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Wire Straightening and Cutting to Length Chamfering of Ends
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Rotary-Die Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine High Speed Automatic Chamfering Machine
Overall Part Dimensions
Wire Diameter: 0.142 Inches Wire Cut Length: 8.11 Inches
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.002 Inches on Diameter ± 0.031 Inches on Lengths
Material Used
C1008 Galvanized Steel Wire (Cold Drawn/Cold Finished)
Material Finish
Regular Commercial Zinc Finish (Hot Dip Galvanized)
Industry for Use
Household Consumer Products Manufacturing
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Dimensional Inspection
55,000 Pcs Per Order
Delivery/Turnaround Time
3 to 4 Weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
ASTM A641 Customer Drawings and Specifications

Additional information:
Line Card (PDF - 5.83)

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